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Chile is a thin and long country found in the South American continent. We are located in the Region of Aysen, also known as Patagonia, in the small town of Puerto Bertrand (less than 100 habitants).  Puerto Bertrand is 290 Kilometers south of the regional capital city of Coyhaique and can be reached by the Carretera Austral.

Where we are

Also located 137 kilometers west of Chile Chico on the shores of Lake General Carrera and the birthplace of the Baker River, the most voluminous river in Chile. The location. Surrounded by mountains and native forests of Lenga and Coigue, and close to the Northern Patagonian Ice field.


Puerto Bertrand is one of the natural entrances and is easily accessible via the Soler Valley.  The town itself has much to offer touristically; well-equipped cabins, hostels and fishing lodges, restaurants, and excursions on Lake Plomo and Lake Bertrand. 

It has a great location and is situated close to Cochrane (50 Kilometers), Caleta Tortel (180 kilometers) and Villa O’Higgins (280 Kilometers). You can also visit the Jenimeni National Reserve located 150 kilometers towards Chile Chico and Los Antiguos, found on the border in Argentina. 


Puerto Bertrand is a natural center for multiple activities that include excellent fishing from the shores of Lake Bertrand or the Baler River where you will find an abundance of Rainbow and Brown Trout.

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