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Baker Patagonia


Our mission is to be a business known for its activities in adventure tourism and ecotourism progressing with sustainable development, using the rich local products found among the culture of Aysén.  We specialize in operating in the Baker watershed developing activities of natural, cultural and scientific interest. For our national and international clients, from home or from far away, our goal is to serve people who are looking for a unique, high quality experience with a profound respect for the environment and the local communities.

Who we are

Baker Patagonia is a small business started by people from Patagonia that are dedicated to tourist activities and ecotourism in the watershed of the Baker River. Our business started as a dream and in 2007, where two Patagons (the name for the local people), one from Puerto Bertrand and the other from the Entrada Baker, made the decision to undertake and do sustainable tourism via life and work. We started with rafting at the birthplace of the majestic and powerful Baker River, focusing on using the best equipment and with the utmost respect of the nature that receives us and allows us to enjoy. We enjoy the purest water on the planet, native forests and million year old glaciers. Today  we  have  diversified  our products and offer other activities

such as horseback riding, hiking and expeditions, always putting value in who we are, people from Patagonia, Chile with a deep rooted in the Gaucho culture that we value and respect, and above all, with respect of the pristine environment of which we are privileged to live.

Since 2009 we became part of The Guild Association of Rural Tourism of Aysén, where we work other business in the region of Aysén. We have an office located in Puerto Bertrand where we receive visitors; we use only the best equipment for rafting with local guides trained in first aid in remote areas that understand from being born and growing up in this marvelous, wild place.


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